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Ruminant Nutrition

Ruminant nutrition and nutrient requirements.

Kidman Springs Phosphorus supplementation trial

Future Beef- Kidman Springs Phosphorus supplementation trial demonstrates >300% ROI, demonstrating the importance of Phosphorous supplementation.

Spring Into Action

MLA- Be on the front foot for spring by taking steps now to prepare pastures and plan livestock activities.

Mulga- your stock, your supplement - with Clynt Johnstone

Future Beef- Case study on the effectiveness of the right supplement on mulga country.

Pastures for horses

DPI NSW- A good pasture will meet the nutritional needs of most horses including brood and lactating mares and growing foals, although working horses may require some supplementation.

Five tips for grazing sheep on stubbles

MLA- Did you know crop stubbles grown in Australia could provide about three billion ewe grazing days, or enough forage to feed Australia’s 65 million sheep flock for six weeks?

To creep or not to creep: That is the question

Queensland Country Life- CREEP feeding calves is one strategy beef producers can use to improve the performance of their cow herds and overall profitability of their cattle businesses.

Bloat risk increased with improved seasonal conditions

MLA- Producers with lush, rapidly growing pastures with high legume contents should be aware of an increased risk of bloat with improved seasonal conditions.